Qn: Is there a prerequisite for AEPP® Certification Programme?

No, anyone with an interest to gain knowledge about estate and succession planning are welcome to join. Estate Planning complements what an adviser currently is equipped with in Wealth Creation, Wealth Accumulation & Wealth Preservation.

Qn: What if I fail the AEPP® exam?

You can re-sit once at no charge. However, if you fail for the 2nd time, you will not be eligible for the 95% IBF Funding (for participants who belong to Financial Institutions in Singapore).

Qn: Will there be an examination?

Yes, there will be an examination at the end of the programme. You will be required to pass the examination to attain the AEPP® designation and certificate, in addition to the designation fee.

Qn: What is the format of the examination?

The examination will be conducted online via a link. You would need to turn on your video/ web cameras as you do the examination.

Qn: What are the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for AEPP®?

12 hours. Our Certificate of Attendance would indicate the hours.

Qn: What are the criteria for IBF Funding?

You must belong to a Financial Institution in Singapore, be a Singaporeans or Singapore PR and have full attendance of the programme.

Qn: What is the designation that I can include in my credentials after successful completion of the class?

‘AEPP®’ or ‘Associate Estate Planning Practitioner’ can be included in your credentials like your name card or email signature.

Qn: What if I did not attend the 2-day programme in full?

You will not be allowed to sit for the exam AND you will not be eligible for the 95% IBF Funding.

Qn: How much of Training Allowance Grant will I receive (in Singapore)?

The AEPP® Certification Programme in Singapore is eligible for the Training Allowance Grant (TAG) under the IBF-Financial Training Scheme (FTS). The Financial Institution you belong to (your company) will have to administer this. The Training Allowance Grant (TAG) will be disbursed to your company upon the successful completion of the programme and disburse S$15/ hour of eligible training and assessment hours to you (Ie. $15 X 12hours = $180)

Qn: How much do I need to pay to register?

Course Fee: $1,200 + 7%

(95% IBF Funding) Nett Fee 5%: $60

7% GST of Course Fee: $84

Designation Fee: $250

Total Outlay: $60 + $84 + $250 = $394

Qn: Is the designation fee payable annually?

No, it is a one-time lifetime designation fee of S$250.

Qn: Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact us at [email protected]


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