Commemoration Ceremony – A Legacy Gift for the Needy from the Estate of Mdm R.P. Manimekalai

A Legacy Gift for the Needy

PreceptsGroup recently held a virtual commemoration ceremony to recognize its late client’s intention to give back to society and help the less fortunate. It is a humble gesture and a testimony of Mdm Manimekalai’s kindness.

Mdm Manimekalai’s estate was administered by Precepts Trustee Ltd. She had indicated in her Will to give part of her estate towards charitable causes. In fulfilling her legacy, Precepts Trustee Ltd identified three charities – namely the Singapore General Hospital Needy Patients Fund, the Sri Krishna Mandir Welfare Society and the Rare Disorders Society Singapore.

At the commemoration ceremony, the respective missions of the beneficiaries were presented by each of them. There were heart-warming videos that captured the noble social work that they were engaged in. Cheques were presented at this event and custom-made plaques were presented in recognition of the gifts from Mdm Manimekalai’s estate. The plaques will be kept with Precepts Trustee Ltd as custodian.


This article was first published in our newsletter, The Custodian Issue 19 on Oct, 2021. Click here to access our latest newsletter.

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