Introducing the AEPP Certification Programme in Malaysia

Introducing the AEPP Certification Programme in Malaysia

Estate Planning Practitioners Limited (EPPL) is the body that champions literacy in estate and succession planning as a professional practice throughout Asia by conducting training, seminars, conferences and forums for the exchange of ideas. To date, it has equipped more than 6,000 professionals in Asia with the knowledge of estate and succession planning.

EPPL, together with the Society of Will Writers (SWW), award the AEPP®  designation to participants who successfully complete the Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®) course. The AEPP® certification has already established a strong reputation in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

With growing affluence, succession planning of wealth has increasingly been a focus in wealth management. To better equip financial practitioners and intermediaries in Malaysia who are keen to use estate planning to enhance their core services, EPPL has set up Estate Planning Practitioners Sdn Bhd (EPP MY), a subsidiary, and EPP MY has launched the AEPP® International programme in Malaysia. EPP MY is partnering with Rockwills Business Solutions Sdn Bhd (RBS) to bring and springboard the programme in Malaysia.

Our dynamic and experienced trainers have plenty of insights to share with you on the scope of cross-border, and international estate and wealth succession planning. This includes the availability of trust structures (both in and outside Malaysia) and solutions for inter-generational transition and preservation of wealth.

You can look forward to:

  • Understanding the tools and ingredients for estate planning and how wealth can transit successfully to the next generation
  • The trust structures available in Malaysia and Singapore and multiple solutions for wealth succession planning
  • Understanding international legal and tax issues along with the complexities of transferring cross- border assets including real estate portfolios
  • Applying high-value practical knowledge and concepts gained from trust solutions to enhance their current practice to stay ahead of their competitors
  • Gaining access to the expertise of practitioners in estate planning who can relate real-life case studies and their applications


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