PreceptsGroup helps drive interest in Pickleball in Singapore

PreceptsGroup helps drive interest in Pickleball in Singapore

PreceptsGroup advocates active living, and its commitment to living well and aging well is reflected in its support for a sport that is fast gaining popularity internationally – Pickleball. Pickleball is a racket/paddle game that combines elements of tennis, table tennis and badminton. With rules similar to table tennis, it is easy for anyone to pick up Pickleball, even from a young age. It is a game that the whole family can play together.

The attraction of Pickleball as a family sport is what resonates with PreceptsGroup. As chief executive officer, Mr. Lee Chiwi, explains: “We chose Pickleball as a sport as it fosters family bonding and a healthy social activity where players can work on agility without putting excessive strain on the body. We are also keen to promote healthy and active ageing for a better quality of life.”

Demonstrating its commitment to the sport, PreceptsGroup is co-sponsoring the Singapore International Pickleball Exchange 2022 (SIPEX 2022), which will be held on 11-14 August 2022, at the Keat Hong Community Club in Choa Chu Kang. The event is expected to draw about 250 participants from Singapore and overseas. SIPEX 2022 will see players vie for singles, doubles and mixed doubles titles, with medals awarded to the top-3 participants in each tournament category.

This is the second time that Singapore is hosting the SIPEX 2022 tournament, after an enforced hiatus since the pandemic, and much excitement surrounds this upcoming event. Expert and top Pickleball players from all over the world are coming to this event. It is expected to draw significantly more participants compared to previously. Says SIPEX 2022 organiser May Kuan: “The last time we had an Exchange was three years ago before the Covid-19 pandemic. After having to be socially distant for so long, everyone is really excited about coming together again.”

SIPEX 2022 demonstrates Bondle’s versatility as a communication tool

The organisation of a tournament such as SIPEX 2022 requires much coordination and communication, and this has been helped with the use of Bondle, a communications platform based in Sydney, Australia.

With Bondle, which is also a co-sponsor of SIPEX 2022, conversation threads and documents related to the event and its management are conducted on the Bondle platform. Acknowledgement of receipts, identity documents and more are now securely stored within each conversation, with the ability to be retrieved anytime by simply logging onto the account.

Bondle is also the official communications platform for PreceptsGroup to manage internal as well as external interactions. Bondle was selected as PreceptsGroup requires a strong communication and collaboration system that is non-complicated for adoption by both its staff and clients, but is affordable.

“Bondle provides a secure and central environment for our clients to access their entire relationship with us rather than being inundated with  emails. PreceptsGroup expects to reap significant productivity gains internally and increased client satisfaction driven through this innovative and proven technology,” says chief executive officer, Mr. Lee Chiwi.

With Bondle, PreceptGroup is assured that its staff can communicate within a highly secured environment. There is also an audit trail that serves to capture all messages and activities that are time-stamped. Each conversation has built-in productivity tools such as topic assigning, document versions, and e-Signature, that help to keep everything organized.

Exclusive reseller of Bondle

Meanwhile, EPPL Digital has become a key player in Bondle’s expansion plans in the region. It is now the exclusive reseller of Bondle for Singapore and parts of Southeast Asia. With this, EPPL Digital is able to offer businesses an efficient communications platform that comes with multiple productivity features in an intuitive app and web interface.

PreceptGroup looks forward to introducing Bondle to more network partners as it will most benefit legal firms, accounting firms, tax firms, associations and other consultancies.


This article was first published in our newsletter, The Custodian Issue 22 on Jul, 2022. Click here to access our latest newsletter.

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