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To Educate and Advance the
Estate Planning Profession

Upgrade Your Estate Planning and Wealth Succession
Knowledge and Skills

Estate Planning Programs: STEP

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Rockwills Institute Pte Ltd is the education and training arm of the Rockwills Singapore Group. It holds the exclusive appointment to provide the STEP Certificate for Financial Services – Trusts and Estate Planning (Singapore), a certification program for financial services professionals in the financial advisory, insurance, banking and other industries. The course serves to enhance the breadth and depth of their knowledge to enable them to integrate wealth management and estate planning services for their clients. On successful completion of the STEP program, a participant is entitled to become an Affiliate Member of STEP.


Estate Planning Programs: AEPP®

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This program is a practical and marketing based course for financial advisors wishing to use estate planning to enhance their core advisory services. This accreditation is awarded by the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners (SWWEPP) of United Kingdom and EPPL. Since April 2007, it has benefited more than 3000 practitioners in the banking and financial planning industry. This programme has been widely conducted in Malaysia and Indonesia.

About Us
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EPPL was started on the understanding that the estate planning industry needs to continue to enhance practitioners’ expertise. This platform allows estate planning practitioners from various sectors and industry to come together and share their experience. Estate Planning will continue to grow in importance over the years with Singapore’s aging population.
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EPPL is both an educational provider, as well as a platform for estate planning practitioners to share their experience. Beyond the courses provided, EPPL also provides regular training sessions to enhance specific know-hows of estate planning. This includes topics like Lasting Power of Attorney, Multi-jurisdiction Estate Planning, Family Succession Planning, High Networth Estate Planning.
Mission Statement
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EPPL aims to serve both the community of estate planning practitioners as well as the public who seek out information and services on estate planning. EPPL seeks to serve as the platform for estate planning practitioners to acquire further understanding on how estate planning can benefit families and how to advise clients on wealth distribution.

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Customer’s Saying
Ms. Chong Shing Ann, an AEPP Financial Services Consultant living in Singapore is an Estate Planning Practitioner who experienced the Estate Planning Courses provided of EPPL team
“The AEPP course is short and effective. It quickly brings into focus the challenges clients are facing for Estate Planning. I gained valuable insights into using Trusts to structure for Business Succession Planning and Wealth Distribution.”
Ms Chong Shing Ann
AEPP Financial Services Consultant
Henra Sensei, a CFP and AEPP Financial Education living in Indonesia is an Estate Planning Practitioner who experienced Estate Planning Courses provided of EPPL team
“The AEPP® program helps Indonesian financial practitioners in banking and insurance industry to clearly understand the power of life insurance planning in estate planning.”
Henra Sensei
Henra Sensei, CFP®, AEPP®
Financial Educator
Ferry Chandra Gunawan, a CFP, AEPP, CEO of Finex Consulting living in Indonesia is an Estate Planning Practitioner who experienced the Estate Planning Courses provided of the EPPL team
“The AEPP course has helped me to understand the differences between Civil Law and Common Law, which allows me to give a better perspective and comprehensive overview of wealth management to our clients.”
Ferry Chandra Gunawan
Ferry Chandra Gunawan, CFP, AEPP
CEO, Finex Consulting
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