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26 & 27 OCTOBER 2020 (MON & TUES)

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This two-day Estate Planning and Wealth Succession Asia Forum 2020 is for a professional audience and centers around issues faced by modern Asian families grappling with the multi-faceted aspects of legacy and succession planning. With billions of wealth assets expected to be transferred to the next generation in the next few decades, hear from our esteemed keynote speakers and engage with industry veterans and international estate planning gurus who will share the latest trends, developments and solutions that clients need to embrace. The forum also focuses on second generation wealth succession, family offices, private trust companies, cross-border assets planning, dealing with inheritable wealth taxes, tax residences, mental incapacity and special needs planning, philanthropy and many more topics.

Join us at this milestone event for professionals in the fields of Asian Family Business Planning, Wealth Succession and Estate Planning. Meet like-minded professionals from Family Offices, Banks, Real Estate companies, Legal firms as well as Fund Managers, Estate Planners, Accountants and Financial Advisors.


Why you should attend

  • Gain insights from highly regarded thought leaders on pertinent topics.
  • Hear differing perspectives in panel discussions and real-life examples.
  • Understand key concerns of your clients for more value-adding advice and foster client engagement.
  • Networking opportunities



Asia’s 20 richest families control at least $450 Billion. Asia is the region that now holds one-third of global wealth.

In Asia, the business boom started in the 80s. Hence, succession planning is now suddenly a hot topic as family-owned companies are now faced with first-wave succession challenges.

The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network expects 35% of region’s wealth set to shift to next generation over the coming 5-7 years.

According to a report by RBC Wealth Management, their research into wealth transfer found that many families are unprepared to pass their legacy and knowledge to the next generation. Just 26% have a full wealth transfer plan in 

place and the findings highlighted that the next generation is not being educated early enough about the management of wealth.

In what circumstances do they continue with the business or should they in fact plan for an exit strategy? How should wealth advisers be involved to deal with such aspects and concerns of their clients?

It is now an opportune time to address issues surrounding the Asian Family Business Succession and its business succession plan.



Source: Forbes Media

Geographic Context for Panel Discussions:
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Middle East
  • New Zealand
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • 26 October 2020 | MONDAY
  • 27 October 2020 | TUESDAY
“Entrepreneurs leaving legacies”. Key aspects on the minds and hearts of entrepreneurs and founders concerning transfer of wealth; family communication and conversations with the next generation family members.
The global trends and developments affecting to old and new wealth. Recent succession planning solutions and dynamics and a survey of the taxation regime and reporting; what is at stake in the next few decades in the respective regions?
Tea Break
What do family business owners need to plan for their personal wealth creation and accumulation alongside their founders’ businesses? Independent Multi-Family Offices as a viable proposition in asset and wealth management and in creating intrinsic value for clients.
How to engage Founders on inter-generational wealth succession– issues, strategies and maximising valuations. What are triggers for clients (Family governance/ Investment in the Family Human Capital/ Sibling rivalry issues) When should founders let go the helm in the family business? What are circumstances when the family business should be divested and how exit strategies could be planned? Focus on family property portfolios succession and exit strategies.
According to the Institute for Family Business, the family business brand enhances perceptions such as trustworthiness and social responsibility. Why founders need to invest in the Family Business brand for sustenance and posterity and how they could pass it down successfully across future generations. Are successful brands just lucky by their choice of a good brand name?
Examining fallouts and wealthy family spats. Siblings and heirs suing one other or coveting for shares of the family & fortune or company shares. Asian family disputes- conflict resolution.
Tea Break
The changing financial advisory & insurance landscape and environment- wealth succession as a strategy and driver in empowering advisers. What needs to be engaged with the prospect for successful client acquisition and retention?
What are some of the estate planning and tax issues for Malaysians and foreigners acquiring properties in Malaysia? What are the corporate and trust vehicles that foreigners could use to avoid probate and for succession planning? How attractive is Malaysia’s Silver Hair programmes? The panel will also share developments in the offering of Labuan structures for holding of assets and funds.
An overview of the traditional structuring in private banking and asset management for family wealth in the last decades. Are these structures suitable largely during the founders’ lifetimes or are they geared to handle the passing on the baton to the heirs or for asset protection? What makes sense in the Family Office Structuring involving Private Trust Companies, Trusts and the Variable Capital Company.
From rags to riches and benefitting needy people. What is the real meaning in wealth? Mr Toh:“I suddenly realized that business success is just to yourself. If you can step out and help more people to gain happiness, your life will then be more enriching and meaningful.”
Trend in Indonesian tax audit affecting individuals' wealth post TA, effect of AEOI.
Why do many trustees not talk about standby trusts? The truth is that the standby trust is really what many families need as a flexible trust structure to work with wills, LPAs, insurance policies and the CPF Nomination. Why it works better than testamentary trusts? Why and where New Zealand trusts fit in the scheme of wealth succession planning and an alternative diversification of wealth? Digital Platform in the creation of trusts as the next lap?
Tea Break
How the 2019 disruptions in Hong Kong affect wealth management and succession, the lessons learned, awareness and opportunities? The migration not only of residents but also wealth flows and investments elsewhere? Will the Hong Kong impasse affect Taiwanese planning for wealth succession diversification?
U.S issues faced in Asian Wealth Business Succession Planning for families with U.S beneficiaries. How Foreign Grantor Trust (FGTs) are structured? Understanding inheritable wealth and taxes where persons are subject to U.S tax reporting. The structures that families residing outside the U.S need to plan for efficient tax and access to the global wealth for their U.S beneficiaries.
China's population of people with over $110,000 of wealth had grown to 100 million, and “for the first time” had slipped ahead of the United States with its 99 million people in the Credit Suisse Research Institute's global top 10% of wealth. What wealth advisers need to be prepared to handle wealthy Chinese seeking globally for wealth enhancement, protection and diversification. What are some structures and solutions that could be attractive including planning for acquisition of properties and settlement of family members for education evident in Singapore, Australia, the U.K and the U.S?
Panel- Mental Incapacity and Special Needs Trust Structures

Mr. Chong Yue-En | Managing Director, Bethel Chambers LLC.

As a country’s population ages, the legal issues affecting older people are both numerous and complex. Older people face a multitude of issues, including their financial viability, family dynamics, long-term planning for their health care, and end-of-life decisions. The panel will discuss issues on mental incapacity and special needs planning.
The panel will discuss philanthropy trends and developments in Singapore and models elsewhere. How philanthropy fits in the Business Family CSR and succession strategy. Gifting can be well-intended but there are often a mismatch of donations without research and audit. The panel will discuss pitfalls when trying to do good and how good should be done wisely.
Tea and Networking
Who Should attend

Whether you are an entrepreneur keen on keeping ‘family’ in the heart of your family business or a trusted advisor wishing to gain expert insights into legacy planning for your clients, being part of this signature event can give you an edge above your peers.

  • Wealth Advisers – Family Office Professionals, Bankers, Fund Managers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Real Estate Professionals, Insurance Professionals and Legal Professionals.
  • Estate and Succession Practitioners and AEPP® designees
  • Anyone keen to hear first-hand from industry experts on the issues relating to global trends and developments in governance and estate planning structuring.
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Join us at this milestone event for professionals in the fields of Asian Family Business Planning, Wealth Succession and Estate Planning. Meet like-minded professionals from Family Offices, Banks, Real Estate companies, Legal firms as well as Fund Managers, Estate Planners, Accountants and Financial Advisors.

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