Estate Planning and Wealth Succession Asia Forum 2020

Estate Planning and Wealth Succession Asia Forum 2020

Estate Planning and Wealth Succession Asia Forum 2020

Against the backdrop of Singapore under Phase 2 of Covid-19, PreceptsGroup International hosted guests and speakers at Sofitel Singapore City Centre for our Inaugural Estate Planning and Wealth Succession Forum on 26 and 27 October 2020. During the 2-day conference, 17 topics specializing on issues specializing on issues surrounding estate planning and wealth succession were shared by 41 speakers from a regional and global perspectives.

As one of the first physical events in Singapore approved by the various relevant authorities, safe management measures were in place to comply with Safe Business Events (SBE) framework and to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, trainers and staff. The event was attended by 90 people in physical attendance and another 120 people via live streaming.

This two-day Estate Planning and Wealth Succession Asia Forum 2020 is for a professional audience and centers around issues faced by modern Asian families grappling with the multi-faceted aspects of legacy and succession planning. With billions of wealth assets expected to be transferred to the next generation in the next few decades, participants heard from our esteemed keynote speakers and engaged with industry veterans and international estate planning gurus who shared the latest trends, developments and solutions that clients need to embrace. The forum also focuses on second generation wealth succession, family offices, private trust companies, cross-border assets planning, dealing with inheritable wealth taxes, tax residences, mental incapacity and special needs planning, philanthropy and many more topics.

Hear it from our participants!

“The content and panelists invited are truly good! Never regret signing up for this EP forum. Would love to join again. The EP Forum was extremely well organised with adequate safe distancing measures arranged, and most importantly, the panel invited comprised of most of the heavyweights in the industry.”

Sharon Cheng

“I have better understanding and practical tips on estate and succession planning, plus building philanthropy as part of the planning. I enjoyed Ms Chalire Chian’s sharing which gave me a very deep impression on an Entrepreneur leaving legacies in an open communicated way that involved the next generation according to their strengths of which I can share and better assist my client in their succession planning.”

– Veronica Yip

Speakers of the Estate Planning and Wealth Succession Forum 2020

Ms. Claire Chiang | Co-founder, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

Mr. Toh Soon Huat | Executive Chairman, Novena Foundation Pte Ltd; Sian Chay Medical Institution (full  time  volunteering)

Mr. Lee Chiwi | CEO, PreceptsGroup International

Mr. Mark Smallwood | Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP), Owner, Rapier Consulting   Ltd

Mr. Josh Maxwell (Americas) | Partner, Hone Maxwell LLP

Mr. Gurdeep Singh (Middle East) | Group Tax Consultant, Sovereign Wealth Company with 200 subsidiaries worldwide, GCC Government

Mr. Peter Wyllie (New Zealand) | Director/Shareholder, Helmores Wealth Limited

Ms. Julie Teo [Moderator] | Consultant

Mr. Tan Woon Hum | Partner, Shook Lin & Bok LLP

Mr. Wong Look-Liew | Chief Investment Officer, Hammer Global Investments Pte   Ltd

Mr. Johan Jooste |  Managing  Director,  The  Global  CIO  Office

Mr. Ku Swee Yong | CEO, International Property Advisor Pte Ltd

Mr. Kendrick Lee | Managing Partner, Raffles Family Office

Ms. Angela R Wong | Partner, James Chai & Partners

Ms. Kim Faulkner | CEO, Activiste Pte Ltd

Ms. Kee Lay Lian | Partner, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Mr. Luke Lim | Executive Director, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd

Mr. Alfred Chia | Chief Executive Officer, SingCapital Pte Ltd, FPAS President

Mr. James Foo | Director and Consultant, Charles Monat Associates Pte Ltd

Ms. Lorna Tan | Head of Financial Planning Literacy, DBS Bank Ltd

En. Azhar Iskandar Hew | CEO, Rockwills Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Ms. Chee Pei Pei | Executive Director, Deloitte Tax Services Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

Mr. Mike Grover | External Consultant, Labuan International Business and Financial Centre Inc Sdn Bhd

Mr. Ng Chee Yuan | Founder and CEO, Shenning Investments Pte Ltd

Mr. Petrus Huang | Co-Head,  Investment  Funds Director,  Corporate  & Finance,  Drew & Napier

Ibu Henrietta Kristanto | Managing Partner, PB Taxand Taxand Indonesia

Mr. Alan Wong | Principal Consultant, W3 Consultancy Pte Ltd

Mr. Leong Mun Kid | Resident Manager, Precepts Trustee Ltd

Ms. Lie Chin Chin [Moderator] | Managing Director, Characterist LLC

Mr. Sammy Hui (Hong Kong) | Regional Director, FWD Life Insurance Company Ltd

Mr. Martin Crawford | Co-founder & CEO, Acclime

Mr. Geoffrey Lee (Taiwan) | Founder & Principal Attorney, Legato Law, California

Ms. Esther Fung [Moderator] | HOD, Private Clients, PreceptsGroup International

Mr. Geoffrey Lee | US Attorney Founder & Principal Attorney, Legato Law, California

Mr. Michael Liu | Managing Director, CIL Group Ltd Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP), Board Director of AOA (Asia  Offshore  Association),  Rep  of  Northwest  Trustee  in  Asia,  Founder  of  Threshing   Floor

Mr. James Zhang Jun |  CEO  and  Founder,  Beijing  Financial  Alliance  Technology (BFAT)

Ms. Kimmis Pun | Board of Director, Financial Planning Standard Board USA

Mr. Chong Yue-En | Managing Director, Bethel Chambers LLC

Ms. Jane Binks | Senior Director, Development, Yale-NUS College

Dr. Titus Yu | Chairman and CEO, Wizard Financial Group Ltd

Mr. Robert Kee | Executive Chairman, Operation Hope  Foundation

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